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Physical Addresses Needed for New Bus Routes

Macon County School System is in the process of restructuring the bus routes.  This process will enable our students to arrive to school in a more safely, accurate and timely manner.  In order for our school district to accomplish these goals, we need your assistance.

According to state guidelines, the school buses will only be able to pick up those students who have a residential address on file with the school system.  If your family’s mailing address is listed under a P. O. Box address, please complete the form that was sent home by students or complete the electronic version below. 

Bus Route Form

Parent's Name: 

Child 1 Name: 

Child 2 Name: 

Child 3 Name: 

Child 4 Name: 

Child 5 Name: 

Child 6 Name: 

Child 7 Name: 

Child 8 Name: 

Family’s Physical Address (No P.O. Boxes): 


Zip code: 

Current Bus Driver: 

Current Bus Number: 


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Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts

has finished their annual financial audit of MCSS.  The public record of these audits are published on their website.  A link to the MCSS audits on their site can be found under the RFP/Budget tab at the top of the MCSS page or click here.

MCSS Attains Highest Gains on Milestones in Chatt-Flint RESA

GMAS award

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2016 Macon County High School Graduation Rate


2017 Macon County High School Graduation Rate


2018 Macon County High School Graduation Rate


Please click here to read the article about the increase in graduation rates.

30.8% increase since 2012