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Oh, how fast we are growing!

Macon County High School
Renovation Project

February 2017                May 2017

Groundbreaking 1Construction 1

  August 2017

HS Renovations Pic 3

Aerial View 1Aerial View 2
HS Renovations Pic 1HS Renovations Pic 2

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Please read the proposed Vision, Mission, Values, and Beliefs for
Macon County School System. Let us know what you think.
You may write a comment below. 

Proposed Vision
Macon County School System will provide a quality learning environment that will inspire, empower, nurture, and support our students to become highly productive citizens in a global society.

Proposed Mission
To be a world class school system that offers a rigorous, thriving and inspiring, educational environment.

Proposed Values
-The ability to make a difference
-To motivate students
-Safe learning environment
-Quality instruction
-Self –reflecting, ever-evolving educators
-Treating others as yourself
-Artistic and academic uniqueness

Proposed Beliefs
-That every child is a genius.
-Data driven instruction improves student achievement
-All students can learn
-All students should understand their purpose
-Students can be successful
-Students want love
-Students value honesty
-The children are our future.
-Students can learn when given ample time and appropriate instructional practices
-In multiple learning environments
-In creative nurturing environments
-Technology to support the teaching and learning process

What do you think about the proposed Vision, Mission, Value, and Belief Statements

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