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Bus Drivers Needed

There is no more important position in our school system than our school bus drivers. This job is much more than just getting the bus to school on time. Great school bus drivers also have a pocket full of tissues for runny noses, a bushel full of smiles for kids who are having bad days and hold an undying commitment to the safe and secure travel of the most precious cargo in the world. Our school bus drivers are responsible for picking up and delivering several hundred children during a normal shift — on time and safely. They are responsible for following all traffic and company regulations to the letter, and must remain cool, calm and collected in all situations. Our school bus drivers also complete daily pre- and post-shift vehicle inspection activities to ensure a safe journey for our riders. 

Please contact the Bus Shop at 478-472-8188 Ext. 2021 for more information.

Physical Addresses Need for New Bus Routes

Macon County School System is in the process of restructuring the bus routes.  This process will enable our students to arrive to school in a more safely, accurate and timely manner.  In order for our school district to accomplish these goals, we need your assistance.

According to state guidelines, the school buses will only be able to pick up those students who have a residential address on file with the school system.  If your family’s mailing address is listed under a P. O. Box address, please complete the form that was sent home by students or complete the electronic version below. 

Bus Route Form

Parent's Name: 

Child 1 Name: 

Child 2 Name: 

Child 3 Name: 

Child 4 Name: 

Child 5 Name: 

Child 6 Name: 

Child 7 Name: 

Child 8 Name: 

Family’s Physical Address (No P.O. Boxes): 


Zip code: 

Current Bus Driver: 

Current Bus Number: 


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Macon County Said NO to Amendment 1
Six out of 10 votes cast on Amendment 1 opposed the constitutional amendment to allow a state takeover of the state’s worst performing schools. (Atlanta-Journal Constitution)
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ZIKA Virus
Please read this article about keeping your kids safe from the Zika Virus.
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Join the Curriculum Advisory Council
Parents of ALL students (PK-12) encouraged to join!
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Now Hiring!
Substitute Teachers and Bus Drivers
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Let's Celebrate

2016 Macon County High School Graduation Rate


Macon County School System's
Teacher of the Year


Ms. Lisa Green

Lisa Green grew up in Perry, Georgia and graduated from Perry High School. Because of her strong desire to make a difference in the lives of children, she attended Fort Valley State University. In 1989, she received a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, then pursued a Master degree in 1992.

Lisa Green has been teaching for 28 years. She began her career at Tabor Junior High for two years as an ISS coordinator. During the past 26 years, she taught kindergarten in Macon County. During the 2016-2017 school term, she was delighted to be selected as Teacher of the Year at Macon County Elementary. Shortly afterwards, she received a greater surprise when selected as District Teacher of the Year! Lisa was in completely awe of such an accomplishment.

It is Lisa’s belief  that every child is like a sponge, ready to absorb everything that is presented to them when using the right method of teaching. Her most rewarding moments in education are the “wow” and “aha” moments students receive during instruction. She provides them with a stimulating and nurturing environment where each child feels safe to learn and take risks.

As a veteran teacher, Lisa strives to do her best and improve her craft. She pledges to be a role model for fellow and new educators, attend professional development and collaborative grade level meetings, and learn from teachers as they learn from her. Her current motto is “We are in this together, so let’s teach one to reach one.”

It's a great day to be a Macon County Bulldog!


GENERAL CONTRACTOR:  Parrish Construction Group 

OWNER:  Macon County School System

ARCHITECT: Parrish Construction Group



In February of 2017, the Macon County School System broke ground on a new building at Macon County High School in Montezuma, Ga. The new facility will be located at 611 Vienna Road on the property of the existing school. 

The educational project will include a new basketball gymnasium in addition to the school building. Parrish Construction Group is in charge of the project.