Non-Negotiable Instructional Practices

The faculty and staff of the Macon County Schools are committed to providing a quality learning environment that will inspire, empower, nurture, and support our students to become highly productive citizens in a global society.  We believe that students should participate in multiple learning environments that are creative and nurturing. To achieve this goal:

  1. (Curriculum) We will teach curriculum with fidelity by:
    • Designing lessons aligned to state and national Pre-K – 12 standards and curriculum frameworks.
    • Using essential questions to connect instruction to the standard
    • Including literacy strategies, graphic organizers, and integration of technology as appropriate in our weekly lesson planning and implementation.
    • Requiring verbal and written student responses using the language of standards.
    • Using higher-order thinking questions to gauge and deepen students’ understanding.
  2. (Assessment) We will monitor the progress of our students by:
    • Developing common formative assessments that are explicitly aligned to standards.
  3. (Instruction) All teaching and learning activities will reflect a shared understanding of what students should know, do, and understand and will be built around a common framework for instruction (Gradual Release) that consists of:
    • Opening
      • Activating Strategies centered on the standard, element(s), and essential  questions
      • Mini-lesson - Modeling while referencing standards and key vocabulary     (I do it/ We do it.)
      • Using exemplars (examples of student work that meets or exceeds the standard)
    • Work Period – Engaging all students using performance tasks.
      • Modeling expectations and helping students to work both cooperatively (You do it together) and individually (You do it alone).
    • Closing Summarizing strategies to check for understanding
    • Classroom Environment: All classes will be standards-based which will include but not be limited to:
      • Standards and EQ posted
      • Daily Agenda Posted
      • Lesson Plans  available in Classrooms
      • Current Content Vocabulary Word Walls posted
      • High Frequency Words Posted
      • Classroom Expectations Posted
  4. Our communication with students and parents will include:
  • Regularly collecting and analyzing student work and providing teacher commentary.
  • Identifying students who are not meeting standards, meeting standards, or exceeding standards using the Classroom Achievement Report (CAR).
  • Adjusting instruction based on assessment results (differentiation).
  • Collaboratively analyzing and publishing student data in and outside of the classroom with regards to ensuring student data privacy.
  • Goal setting with students and parents.
  • Having student/parent conferences, including student led conferences.
  • Explaining individual student data.
  • Listening to student and parent input about learning via survey and conferences.