Curriculum and Instruction Terms






College and Career Ready Performance Index

CCRPI is a comprehensive school improvement, accountability, and communication platform for all educational stakeholders that will promote college and career readiness for all Georgia public school students.


Career, Technical, Agricultural Education



Behavior Intervention Plan

Behavior Intervention Plan- A plan developed for students who are exhibiting behavioral difficulties that include targeted behaviors, intervention strategies, reinforcers and consequences, and a plan for collecting and monitoring data. Behavior Intervention Plans should include positive behavioral support.


Early Intervention Program

The purpose of the Early Intervention Program is to provide additional instructional resources to help students who are performing below grade level obtain the necessary academic skills to reach grade level performance in the shortest possible time.


Essential Question

An essential question gets to the heart of a particular enduring understanding and helps students relate the factual knowledge to the concepts on the unit. There are two types of essential questions that are used in the Standards frameworks: broad/overarching and unit/content specific.


End of Course


Students at the high school level will take an end-of-course assessment in the following tencourses:

  • Language Arts
    • Ninth Grade Literature and Composition
    • American Literature and Composition
  • Mathematics
    • Algebra I (Beginning Winter 2015)
    • Geometry (Beginning Winter 2015)
    • Coordinate Algebra
    • Analytic Geometry
  • Science
    • Physical Science
    • Biology
  • Social Studies
    • United States History
    • Economics/Business/Free Enterprise


End of Grade Assessment

Students in grades 3 through 8 will take an end-of-grade assessment in the content areas of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies.These tests are administered towards the end of the school year, typically in April or early May.


Individualized Education Program

A written document that outlines the special education and related services specifically designed to meet the unique educational needs of a student with a disability. It is developed, reviewed, and revised in accordance with IDEA 2004.


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based, data-driven framework proven to reduce disciplinary incidents, increase a school’s sense of safety and support improved academic outcomes


Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention – Response to Intervention (RTI) is a practice of academic and/or behavioral interventions designed to provide early, effective assistance to underperforming students. Research-based interventions are implemented and frequent progress monitoring is conducted to assess student response and progress. The student’s response is used as feedback to more accurately target interventions. When students do not make progress, increasingly more individualized interventions are introduced.


Move on when ready

Move On When Ready is a dual enrollment program for students to attend a post-secondary institution full-time during their junior and/or senior year of high school and receive high school credit and college credit simultaneously while attending college classes on the college campus, full-time.