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Inclement Weather/Emergency School Closing Plan

If there is the possibility of inclement weather, the following should be done before the identified day:

  • As early as possible, the Facilities and Transportation Director will assess road conditions and determine power usage conditions of buildings.  A report is immediately made to the Superintendent.
  • Members of the Transportation staff ensure that buses are operable in extreme cold weather and report to the Superintendent.
  • The Facilities and Transportation Director has direct contact with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency.  Reports and findings will be made to the Superintendent.
  • The Macon County School System web site, www.macon.k12.ga.us, will carry a message about school closings.
  • A letter will be sent home to parents by the students as a reminder about emergency closing or dismissal.
  • In the event that early dismissal is necessary, all schools will be notified immediately.  A staff notification plan is located at each school and has been given to key personnel.